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These conditions apply without prejudice to the conditions of ticket purchase as laid out in the fifth paragraph, and without prejudice to other services and / or products subject to other conditions, the implementation of which, where appropriate, does not exclude the application of these conditions in any case.



CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U, holds the intellectual property rights on different contents displayed on the website, such as, among other things, texts, photographs, images, combinations of spot colours, and audio and video files, or, where appropriate, third party permissions of use. Also, CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. holds the intellectual property rights derived from the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of the mentioned content.

The reproduction, distribution, public communication (also in the form of making it available) and the transformation of such content, in whole or in part, and / or any use of content owned by CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U and not provided expressly by current legislation, shall only be possible through a contract with CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U and in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated therein.

Unauthorized use of the content displayed on the website may lead to legal actions be taken by CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U., including suing for damages.

Any User interested in using photographs in the gallery contained in the web site in any type whatsoever, can make a request for a license from CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. in the contact addresses provided on said page.



CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. owns a number of trademark registrations that protect both the image of the characteristic facade of Casa Batlló and Casa Batlló’s name itself, as well as other figurative elements, for a variety of products and services. CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. is responsible for the commercial exploitation of trademark registrations, both directly and through licensing to third parties.

The exploitation of such trademark registrations by third parties is only possible through contract signed by CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. and in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated therein.

Unauthorized exploitation of those trademark registrations or any other sign which may be identical or similar, to distinguish any products and / or services may lead to CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U, taking legal action including suing for damages.

In the contact area in there is a space enabled on the site for that exact purpose, where any user interested in obtaining a license for the use of trademarks owned by CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. can file an application for a license.

On the website links to other websites are from time to time displayed, without need to infer the existence thereby of a legal relationship between CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. and those, and / or its owners, and without CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. assuming responsibility for the contents of the linked website, which correspond to its rightful owner, in the terms provided by law.

CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. prohibits third parties from using “Casa Batlló” or “” or confusingly similar signs as frames or tags to link to third party websites, in response to the trademark rights to the name “Casa Batlló” that is held by CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U, and as far as the law does not state otherwise.



According to the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal Data, personal data of Users of the website are incorporated into a file owned by CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U duly registered with the Spanish data Protection Agency. The purpose of the collection of this personal data is limited (i) to manage inquiries or requests for information made by Users on the website, and (ii) the sending of advertising and promotional communications by mail and / or electronically on products and services offered by CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U.

The User may exercise their right of access, rectification, cancel and opposition in respect of their personal data at any time and revoke the authorization granted to CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. to mail and / or electronically send offers or adverts, advertising and promotional communications. The practice of such rights shall be done (i) by sending an email to the address:, indicating in the email subject “CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. – Processing of personal data “; or (ii) by sending a letter to CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U., established in Pg. de Gràcia, 43, 08007 Barcelona, indicating “CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. – Processing of personal data ” on the envelope.

e inform you that in order for the website to function properly, as well as in order to offer a more personalised service to website users and for other purposes set out below, the browsing system uses certain browsing data (“cookies”).

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CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. uses technical cookies on its website that are strictly necessary for the provision of certain services offered on the website, as well as analytical cookies that serve to allow the behaviour of all users to be monitored and statistically analysed, and behavioural cookies (for the management of the advertising spaces based on the specific profile of the user and interaction of the various third-party and persistent cookies).

CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. uses the following cookies, all of which are persistent cookies:

– Own cookies: controlled and managed exclusively by CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U., without any third party’s intervention, for ensuring the proper operation of the webpage and being solely for technical purposes, without it being possible to obtain information on the users in any case.

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Further information on them can be obtained on their websites, following the links indicated above.

In any case, in the event that data of a personal nature is collected – in this case only the IP address – we inform you that it will be processed and added to a file for which CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. is responsible. In accordance with articles 15 and 16 of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, we inform you that you can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to: Pg. de Gràcia, n. 43, 4º, 08007 Barcelona (Barcelona).

Users are informed that the supplier companies may transmit this data to third parties when required by law, or when these third parties process the data on their behalf, but they will not associate the user’s IP address with any other data collected, and therefore they will do so completely anonymously.

To refuse or delete these cookies, you can view the instructions indicated in each of the aforementioned cookies. In any case, the User can enable the option of their own browsing system not to allow the installation of cookies; although in no event will Casa Batlló be responsible for any incorrect functioning of the services offered by this website as a result of cookies being disabled.

Users can delete cookies from the web browser they are using on their own device, although disabling cookies may result in the website not functioning correctly. The steps to be followed in the most common web browsers are as follows:

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– Safari: Preferences → Security.

For further information on cookies and how to disable them according to your browsing system, you can consult the following links: and

Otherwise, and with CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. having informed users of the use of cookies without them being disabled, it is understood that the user has given their consent for data processing to be performed by Google in the manner set out in this notice and for the purposes described herein.

For any questions or comments, users can contact CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. through its customer service channels



According to the obligations under the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society and electronic commerce (also known as LSSICE), CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. states that the domain is owned by CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U, with C.I.F. B-62.401.534, and the address is: Pg. De Gràcia, n. 43, 4º, 08007 Barcelona (Barcelona).

CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. is registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona, volume 41.871, folio 183, sheet number B-223.546.

Moreover web users, by completing the data collection forms and by purchasing tickets, can express their agreement with the present legal conditions, expressly authorizing CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. to incorporate the provided personal data to a file under responsibility of this company in the terms explained in the previous paragraph (3. Processing of personal data); as well as to the sending of advertising or promotional information by electronic means, being it able at any time to revoke this authorization following the proceeding detailed in the received e-mail or (ii) by means of an e-mail to the e-mail address, indicating as e-mail subject “CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. – Processing of personal data”; or (iii) by means of a writ addressed to CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U., with domicile at Pg. de Gràcia Nr. 43, 08007 Barcelona, indicating at the envelope “CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. – Processing of personal data”.



Currently the sale of online tickets to do the visit of the Casa Batlló, located in Pg. De Gràcia, n. 43, Barcelona (Spain), is managed through the online shopping ticket service Clorian, which is accessed through a tab for tickets sale available on the website

In the link mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Clorian service informs the terms of purchasing tickets for each of the different types of visit to the “Casa Batlló” clearly and unmistakably which can be consulted and must be accepted before the execution of the purchase. Such ticket conditions mentioned do not apply to distributors.

All User’s visit modalities to Casa Batlló will be also subject to the present conditions, whose application the User expressly declares to accept as soon as it formalizes the purchase of one or various tickets:

1. General ticket categories.

The general categories of entrances are as follows:

– General: Adult: from 18 years.

– Students: with ID of any degree of formal education.

– Juniors: People between 7 and 18 years.

– Children: Children under 7 years.

– Residents in Barcelona province: according to the domicile recorded on the identification document (ID or passport).

– Senior Citizens: people over 65.

Through the “TICKETS” or “TICKETS PURCHASE” sections, accessible on the website, the User accesses a link where Users can buy entrances to the Casa Batlló, which allows the visitor to visit all public access areas which are clearly defined. It is not possible to access or visit the spaces marked as private or unauthorized entry.

With the purchase of the ticket in any category, the User declares that it meets the age requirements or conditions listed in order to access the Casa Batlló, related to that certain entrance category. CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. reserves the right to demand to see documents proving the age, qualifications or residence etc., which must be shown before accessing the house. In the absence of these documents the entry to Casa Batlló can be denied, unless the difference is paid between the amount paid originally and the correct amount of the normal ticket that corresponds to the individual person. Bringing food and/or drinks into the house is not allowed.

The User has several types of tickets available, whose characteristics and retail price (RRP) are reported in the process.

Users have different types of tickets at their disposal, offered to do your visit in a specific time slot. Casa Batlló distributes time slots of every half an hour during the day (from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.), and whose availability is reported to the user in the purchasing process.

However, the User also has another type of ticket available, “Casa Batlló + Open Date”, which allows the User to visit Casa Batlló any day and at any time that can be chosen by the User within a maximum period of six (6) months from the date of purchase, and there are no limitations other than opening and closing times at Casa Batlló, or the exceptional case that the capacity at Casa Batlló were full.

For any other tickets types apart from “Casa Batlló + Open Date”, in the event that a User goes to Casa Batlló in a time zone different that the one purchased, the staff at Casa Batlló may deny access to the building due to the failure to comply with the present conditions.

2. Payment of tickets

The conditions and methods of payment for the purchase of tickets for the visits to Casa Batlló, are reported in detail in the buying process, managed by Clorian service.

3. Receiving Tickets

Within a maximum period of twenty-four (24) working hours from when the payment is made, the User will receive email confirmation of the effective purchase / s of ticket / s, where there will be a link with the purchased tickets and this will allow access to the house without having to go through the ticket office on site.

The order confirmation received by the User is not valid as an invoice, just however as proof of purchase. Should the User wish to receive an invoice it shall need to inform by e-mail to our visitor service to the email address

4. Absence of right of withdrawal in respect of any tickets other than the ticket type “Casa Batlló + Open Date”

For categories of tickets other than “Casa Batlló + Open Date” mentioned in section E, the User will not have the right of withdrawal of the purchase of the tickets, because it is a service connected with activity recreation, with the provision of a specific date and period of execution, as provided by articles 97 l), and 103 letter l) of Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, the revised text is adopted to the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

The segmentation of visits to Casa Batlló for specific days and hours allows for greater control of the flow in its capacity, and except in the case provided below, withdrawal of Users is not accepted in order to avoid damages to CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. that would cause difficulty of filling the reservation with another User on the same date stated on the ticket purchased.

5. Right of withdrawal for the ticket type “Casa Batlló + Open Date”

For the ticket type “Casa Batlló + Open Date” quoted above, the User will have the right of withdrawal in accordance with art. 68 and subsequent of the stated current General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, by giving the User the ability to visit Casa Batlló without setting a specific date and time, within a maximum period of six (6) months and without other limitations than the opening and closing times of Casa Batlló, or the exceptional case that the capacity of Casa Batlló is full the day of the visit.

Consequently, the User of the ticket “Casa Batlló + Open Date” has the right to cancel the purchase of such ticket by contacting Casa Batlló via e-mail at the following address: and desist from the purchase within a period not exceeding fourteen (14) calendar days, from receipt of ticket “Casa Batlló + Open Date” purchase confirmation by e-mail.

The withdrawal will lead to the return of the amount paid by the User for the ticket “Casa Batlló + Open Date”. The refund will be issued before fourteen (14) calendar days have elapsed from the date, when the User has communicated the decision to withdraw from the contract.

The User of the ticket “Casa Batlló + Open Date” can use the following model of withdrawal form if needed, although its use is not mandatory:

Model withdrawal form:

(Only complete and submit this form if you wish to cancel and withdraw the use of the ticket “Casa Batlló + Open Date”)

– For the Attention of CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U., Pg de Gràcia, n. 43, 08007 Barcelona (Spain)

– I/ We hereby communicate to you that I/ we desist / my / our contract of provision of the following service: “Casa Batlló + Open Date”

– Ordered on (and date)

– Name of the User / s

– Address of the User / s

– Signature of the User / s (only if this form is submitted in paper)

– Date

The right of withdrawal shall not be able to be exercised by the User in the event the a member of staff refuses a User the access to Casa Batlló due to the fact that it does not meet the requirement for this type of ticket as stated in time of purchase and/ or in the present general conditions.

Once the User has exercised the right to withdraw the entrance to “Casa Batlló + Open Date”, the User shall not be able to make use of the given ticket, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 1303 and 1308 of the Civil Code.

For any incident, claim or exercise of rights, the User may send an email to the address



CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. reserves the right of admission, and particularly to deny Users access to the Casa Batlló, who due to their behaviour can alter the security inside the building.

CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. reserves the right to cancel and / or modify the schedule of shows, meetings and / or events of any kind for reasons of force majeure, and / or beyond its control and duly justified, without previous notice to the User and without for such reason to have the right to compensation of any kind by the User, except, where appropriate, the return of the price of the unused ticket.

With regard to the ticket modality “Magical Nights (Night Visit and Live Music)”, in the case of weather or force majeure reasons, where we are obligated to suspend the concert, the visit at Casa Batlló will be held but CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. will offer the possibility for the User to choose another date to attend the concert, or the refund of the amount corresponding to the difference between the ticket “Magical Nights (Night Visit and Live Music)” and the amount corresponding to the visit.

With regard to the ticket modality “Magical Nights (Live Music)”, in the case of weather or force majeure reasons, where we are obligated to suspend the concert, CASA BATLLÓ S.L.U. will offer the possibility for the User to choose another date to attend the concert, or the refund of the total cost of the User’s ticket.



Casa Batlló is a privately owned building, also subject of exclusive rights owned by CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U., being the access to the property subject to the present general conditions mandatory for any User.

The User and any visitor to the Casa Batlló are only authorized to take photographs and / or recordings of as a strictly personal and/ or family memory. It is therefore expressly prohibited any reproduction, distribution, public communication (including making it available), transformation, and / or exploitation of any kind, of any photographs and / or videos that are not strictly personal and/ or for the family, of sheer memory.

For uses other than those referred to in the preceding paragraph, to be able to take photographs and / or audio-visual recordings of the Casa Batlló, ie including, although not limited to, communions, weddings, confirmations, and / or events of any type, and for any other uses, whether or not commercial, the User and / or any third party must first obtain express permission in writing from Casa Batlló S.L.U, where conditions for such authorization shall be specified.

Any User interested in a photographic and / or audio-visual report of the Casa Batlló, other than for mere personal and / or a family memory, is able to request for authorization or a license in the contact space provided for that exact purpose on the website

In the event that CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U., by itself or through third parties, may provide a service of processing souvenir photos for Users in the building of Casa Batlló, and if because of a technical error any User may receive a wrong image, CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U, as soon as it is notified of the error, shall proceed to its correction. Said User, if the quoted error occurs, shall proceed to remove the image, avoiding any misuse of the same, corresponding to the User, otherwise, assume the responsibility that may correspond according to the Organic Law 1/1982, of 5 May, of civil protection of the right to honour, personal and family privacy and image, and / or to Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Personal Data.

For any incident, claim or to exercise rights, the User may send an email to the address



The presence and promotion of Casa Batlló by its owners on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Google Bonus, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Weibo and Wechat, and on any new social networks that may emerge in the future, is managed by CASA BATLLO, S.L.U. Access to and the use of these platforms requires the general conditions specific to each platform to be accepted and is governed by the rules and by the privacy policy set out below. For any questions, users may request information from CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. by telephone on 93 216 03 06 and/or by email at:

1. Permitted and forbidden uses of Casa Batlló on social networks

The profiles of Casa Batlló on the aforementioned social network platforms are a space for exchanging information, providing knowledge about and promoting the work of Antoni Gaudí and Casa Batlló. Users may publish and exchange information and contents, as well as establish communication among users.

Followers of each profile are obliged to use each platform in an appropriate manner, to comply with the standards specific to each platform and also to comply with the rules specified herein.
CASA BATLLO, S.L.U. does not take responsibility for the contents published by users, nor does it identify with any opinions that users may publish on the profiles. Furthermore, CASA BATLLO, S.L.U. reserves the right to hide or block comments or users that breach the following standards:

– Advertising. Spammig is forbidden, thus any comments of an advertising nature and/or that are not related to the subject matter of the Facebook page will be removed.
· Tone. Comments that insult, belittle, threaten or upset other users, page administrators or Casa Batlló, S.L.U. staff and/or any third party are not permitted. For this reason, any disrespectful comment will be hidden and in the event of recurrence the user may be blocked.
· Security. For security reasons, publishing personal details in the comments is not permitted. Any comment with personal details may be deleted.
· Legality. Comments that constitute offences of any current regulations may be deleted.

2. Intellectual property, industrial property and third-party rights

The contents published on the social networks of Casa Batlló may be published and owned by CASA BATLLO, S.L.U., or by third parties that have freely published these contents on the aforementioned networks and that have previously authorised CASA BATLLO, S.L.U. to share, promote and/or repost these contents (including photographs), on all social networks of Casa Batlló. CASA BATLLO, S.L.U. will quote these users by their real name and/or by their username.

If the author of a piece of content (including photographs) wishes to withdraw this content, CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. will respect the right of that user to remove the aforementioned content (including photographs) from any of our profiles, after notifying it via online private messaging through the social network itself or by emailing indicating the subject “Removal of image”. Casa Batlló undertakes to remove the image as quickly as possible and within a maximum of ten (10) business days.

3. Modifications

CASA BATLLÓ, S.L.U. may modify and/or substitute these conditions of use of its social networks at any time, with the new conditions substituting, complementing or modifying the conditions published previously.



In the event that the nullity of any of these conditions may be judicially declared, the validity of the rest of the conditions contained herein and not affected by this declaration of nullity, will continue, maintaining the spirit and purpose of the present general conditions.



We inform that Casa Batlló has not adhered to any dispute resolution platform, neither regarding consumer disputes, nor arbitration. Users-customers have the customer channels at their disposal, which is available in the Web. But in accordance with Regulation 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes, we inform of the existence of an European platform for disputes resolution, which may be used in the field of electronic commerce; you can get more information at:



The present general conditions are governed by Spanish law. Any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution that may arise regarding the validity, interpretation, performance or termination of this contract shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Barcelona (Spain), renouncing the jurisdiction which may correspond to the User, provided that the applicable law allows this and does not involve an end User, in which case it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the User’s domicile, or of the city of Barcelona (Spain), being the place of performance of the obligation, at the choice of the plaintiff.