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The Crypt in Güell´s Colony


This church is part of an ambitious industrial complex, in the town of Santa Coloma de Cervello (Barcelona). A large textile factory that Eusebi Güell, the great patron of Gaudí, launched in 1890. Mr. Güell´s goal with Colonia Güell was he wanted to be away from the city, where trade union movement was growing and […]



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Casa Batlló Double Bench


This double bench was designed by Gaudí for the dining room in Casa Batlló. Although it looks like a single piece, it is in fact composed of several different parts fitted together. Its design, with a dividing armrest and two seats which face in different directions, gives it a rather unusual and unexpected appearance, as it breaks the […]

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Casa Batlló sewing chair


Sewing Chair, designed by Gaudí for Mrs. Batlló. It adapts to the body posture. Its line eludes straight shapes.

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Casa Batlló Chair


This elegant chair was designed by Gaudí for the dining room in Casa Batlló. It is one of the first items of furniture to be ergonomically adapted. Its design presents a reduction of the structure to the bare minimum and an adaptation of the shape to the human body, resulting in a high level of comfort. There is […]

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Casa Milà (“La Pedrera”)


This house is located on a vast plot on the corner of Passeig de Gràcia and Provença. Mr. and Mrs. Milà awarded the project to Gaudí, who at the age of 54 was at the height of his career. As a result, the architect hoped to work with complete creative liberty; however, he found himself fettered […]

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Casa Batlló


In the middle of Passeig de Gràcia, the avenue in which all the most prestigious bourgeois families were settling, Josep Batlló acquired in 1903 a sombre building which Gaudí, in the prime of his professional life, would transform into one of his most original works. It is a house full to the brim with joy and energy, in […]

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Casa Calvet Corner Stool


This is a beautiful corner stool with smooth curving lines. It has a small backrest which resembles the central balconies on the rear facade of Casa Calvet. The legs, as well as their joining parts, are straight, creating an interesting contrast. It is characterised by its simplicity and comfort. This stool was devised by Gaudí to fit into […]

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Casa Calvet Armchair


The style of this piece is halfway between the furniture designed by Gaudí for Casa Calvet and the items that he later designed for Casa Batlló. The round seat, which is rather austere and free from ornamentation, is attached by a support to the distinctive heart-shaped back. From this same support, the two arms project, each ending in an arch-shaped […]

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Casa Calvet Flower Bench


A great work of ornamental carving. The back is composed of three large flowers, which are in turn surrounded by a further three floral motifs. Worthy of note is the fact that the arm is joined to the back by a cantilever structure, which makes this item of furniture both very graceful and fragile, in […]